Coa Bracelet - Inês Telles


Materials: 925 silver plated 24k gold
O 6.3 cm
Weight: 9 g

Inês Telles creates and produces her jewelry using manual and traditional jewelery processes. All pieces are carefully and individually built in her workshop in Lisbon.

The alloys used are of high quality, 925 silver. The silver pieces can be in plain or oxidized silver, when black, or even with 24 kt gold plating when gilded.

Jewelry Care:

Keep the jewel in individual closed packages in places without light or humidity.
Avoid contact with chemical agents, pool or sea water, perfumes and shampoos.
Whenever cleaning your jewels use a soft brush, washing with running water and drying well
Regularly rectify locks and springs

About Inês Telles:

Inês Telles is a brand whose main premise is to maintain its essence of authenticity, honesty and love for the jewellery it creates.

With a small production and using manual and traditional processes, it is in our Lisbon studio that the brand Inês Telles creates and produces the pieces of jewellery. There is a constant concern for the improvement of an economical, environmentally ethical and conscious production.

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