Unisex Long Sleeve Terry - +351


This Terry Long Sleeve is the perfect solution to keep you warm on those late afternoons. This piece is extremely comfortable and cozy. +351 printed on the front pocket in white.

Composition - 100% Organic Cotton

Care - machine wash cold or reverse, low iron inside out, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not overwash

Made in Portugal

About +351:

+351 - We care about where our Cotton comes from. Our products are made in Portugal with 100% Organic Cotton.
The plot where our cotton grows is cultivated without any chemicals, making the life of our workers much healthier, as well as the life of all species that lives in this piece of land. Being Organic also reduces CO2 emissions in 45%, comparing to growing conventional cotton, and has a 90% reduction in water consumption.

Long Sleeve Sizes:

XS - Total Length: 66.5-69 cm; ½ Chest: 49cm; ½ Bottom: 50cm; Sleeve Length: 59cm; Opening Handle: 8.5cm; Collar Opening: 18cm
S - Total Length: 68.5-71 cm; ½ Chest: 51cm; ½ Bottom: 52cm; Sleeve Length: 60.5cm; Opening Handle: 9cm; Collar Opening: 18.5cm
M - Total Length: 70.5-73cm; ½ Chest: 53cm; ½ Bottom: 54cm; Sleeve Length: 60.5cm; Opening Handle: 9.5cm; Collar Opening: 19cm
L - Total Length: 72.5-75cm; ½ Chest: 55cm; ½ Bottom: 56cm; Sleeve Length: 63.5cm; Opening Handle: 10cm; Collar Opening: 19.5cm
XL - Total Length: 74.5-77cm; ½ Chest: 57cm; ½ Bottom: 58cm; Sleeve Length: 65cm; Opening Handle: 10.5cm; Collar Opening: 20cm

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