Bossa Diffuser - Granado

Granado brings one more fragrance in honor of the cradle city of its history. Bossa exalts the best of Rio de Janeiro: its exuberant coastline, the carioca summer and its light, vibrant and relaxed lifestyle. With marine notes and floral bouquet, Bossa is a fresh, cheerful and comfortable fragrance, also ideal as room fragrance to make your home even more fragrant with this fragrance that provides a relaxed and sunny environment. Meet the best room scent you could ever have!

Granados diffuser intensely perfumes the environment and decorates your home with its amber glass bottle and cork closure, which reminds us of the pharmaceutical bottles from the last century and is a classic of the Vintage line. Unlike the home spray, the room diffuser comes with sticks that continuously spread the scent.

The room diffusers are oil-based, prolonging the life of the product and leaving your home scented for longer. The art on its packaging is a rescue of the Granado Collection and exalts Rio de Janeiro. The old Carioca Tea served as inspiration for the artwork, which kept the traces of the traditional design, but with more lightness and luminosity.

Contents: 235ml.

Does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Only 3 pieces in stock!

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