Must-have summer colours

Summer means color, right?  So this season we will communicate through them, with maximum irreverence and without fear. Fashion is the simplest and easiest form of expression for everyday life.
Take a look at these suggestions.

Softer shades of pink, blue, or green are super youthful
and perfect for warm days.
They convey casualness, but not nonchalance.
These are very strong colors that convey a message
of creativity and boldness. Most used in spring/summer,
we dare you to try these pieces!
These are the ones that most convey elegance, for their simplicity,
and minimalism, but also a sense of peace. Beige, brown, black, and white are easy to combine,not only with each other,
but also with stronger tones.
How about a monochrome look?
Once again, you can play with the contrasting tones of your selected colour, ranging from the softest pastels to the boldest hues.
Has someone mentioned a statement look? 
Well, here it is.

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