Going on vacation?🧳

Get your backpack, trolley, or bag ready, because the holiday season is just around the corner.
And while packing a suitcase is always challenging, choose the essentials so that nothing is missing during the hot days.

t’s the summer destination of choice and therefore the most common bag to pack. However, there are some types of clothes that you should include such as: swimwear,beachwear, clothes for a dinner out, or for a walk during the day.
The strategy will be tochoose lightweight, fine fabric pieces and sandals so that you are always comfortable.


- Bikinis (pack them in a small cloth bag to save space in your suitcase);

- Beachwear, such as dresses, tops, and pareos. Save space with skirts and shortsthat match the bikini top;

- Sandals. Choose, for example, two flip-flops for beach days and heeled sandals for a dinner or an evening out.

- A fedora hat or a cap.

The heat in the countryside can be more aggressive than at the beach. In this case it will be a good idea to have some tops that cover more of your shoulders. Also take some warmer pieces for the evening in case it gets cold.


- T-shirts. Choose different colours to pair with shorts, skirts, or even pants;

- A good neutral-toned sweatshirt to wear at night. This way you can wear along with pieces of different shades;

- Sunglasses. Essential for UV eye protection;

- Covered footwear. The countryside requires footwear that protects the feet.

If your vacation is in the city, then your suitcase must have lightweight and comfortable clothes.


- Wide and long dresses. Not only do they save space in your suitcase, but they also protect your legs from the sun.

- Sneakers. They are essential for a city trip. Choose two pairs of easily matched tones;

- A small backpack to carry a bottle of water, sunscreen, documents, and other essentials;

- A light jacket.

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