Colours and their effect on your outfit.

Does colour convey a message?
Yes, it does, and that is also reflected in our image through the colours we wear on a daily basis. Fashion is about expressing our personality, speaking through clothes, and communicating also through colours.
If you have never heard of the colour wheel, let us introduce you to it and explain how its tones have such a positive impact on the way we express ourselves.
Give your look the opportunity to manifest itself.
complementary colours
Complementary colours are for those who are not afraid to take risks or be bold. In the colour wheel, opposite colours are complementary, like blue and orange, for example. They are undoubtedly quite impactful and send a message of casualty and creativity.
Colour-blocking can be defined as mixing strong colours that create more informal and relaxed, yet fearless, and creative ensembles. In this case, wear lighter tones with darker ones, with more or less contrast. The secret is to try to make the look harmonious by combining tones, such as pink and red, or orange and purple. But if you think they are too flashy, try choosing one of them and then pair it with white, beige, or black. The combination of light and dark tones always works well.
contrast points
There are always other ways to make a look stand out, for example, through contrast points. Monochromatic looks can benefit from bold makeup or accessories that add more joy and youthfulness. In colourful looks, more discreet accessories will bring even more elegance.
It’s all a matter of taking risks!

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