Become Your Best Self Volume 6

Fashion shouldn’t be about sacrifice; It’s not about wearing uncomfortable clothes and shoes just because they’re trendy. Our personal style must always be side by side with comfort. And then, when it comes to buying, be careful, so that you don’t buy clothes that you’ll never wear.

Pairing a casual style with a slightly more classic one is not as complicated as it may seem.

A pair of wide leg jeans, a T-shirt, and flat shoes can give you the comfort you need for a busy day. But there are extra details that add an unmistakable elegance to the look. Add some metallic jewellery, a handbag, some black sunglasses, and a scarf with a knot around your neck, and you’re good to go!

Neutral tones (beige, brown, black, or white) are the main ones in the colour palette that can form a classic and stylish look. With this premise, choose simple pieces that do not fit tightly and give you freedom of movement - for example, a tank top, a cotton skirt, an oversized jacket, or a flowing dress. If these garments are chosen in the shades mentioned above, you have now managed to unite style with comfort.

The most comfortable pieces in your closet gain a whole new life when paired with the right accessories. A cotton dress, jeans with a tank top, or even a tracksuit, gets a touch of elegance when the accessories have been chosen well. A gold necklace, a black shoulder bag, mules or loafers are the perfect match in this equation.

When it comes to choosing a piece of clothing, fabrics are the most important detail. Stretch fabric jeans, satin accessories, organic cotton T-shirts and tops, or sneakers are some of the pieces that will guarantee comfort.

To put it into practice…

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