Moleca sofa - 1963 . Sergio Rodrigues

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The Moleca line is an adaptation of Mole.

The Moleca wedge system made it easier to assemble and disassemble the product, which was necessary for exporting furniture at the time.


• 187,5 x 96 x 85h (cm) - Two Seats

• 73.8” x 37.8” x 33.5”h (inches)* - Two Seats

• 212 x 96 x 85h (cm) - Three Seats

• 83.5” x 37.8” x 33.5”h (inches)* - Three Seats


* The inch measurements are approximate for better picturing the dimensions. Only the centimeters measurements are accurate.


Product description:


• Solid wood frame.

• Over-sized cushion filled with silicone fiber and foam flakes.

• Adjustable natural leather straps, lathed wooden buttons.


**Colour and material availability is subject to checking!

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