Faded Diamond Sock - Happy Socks


Faded Diamond socks give the classic diamond pattern socks a shake up with a splash of color. This marvelously modern twist on an old classic takes the traditional Scottish tartan, deconstructs it, and throws in a pinch of Happy Socks’ signature bliss. The diamond pattern socks you didn''t know existed, but definitely needed in your closet! Made of soft and breathable organic combed cotton.

- Unexpected designs
- Made for everyone
- Great quality

About Happy Socks:

Happy Socks - It’s in the name. We might be biassed, but we make pretty amazing socks. And other things! Everything we do, we do with a simple-yet-powerful principle in mind: every new collection should be better than the last one. We find softer, sturdier, shinier, and more sustainable materials. We removed plastic hooks from the Hysteria range in 2022 and the Kids range in 2020. We are working on removing them altogether with a new paper hook on the label instead. That’s a lot less plastic!
Plastic windows were removed from gift sets in the US and mailer bags are now made from recycled plastic. Individually these steps are small, but together they save a few tonnes of single use plastics every year.
Design eye-catching details and innovative features that the industry’s never seen before. And last but not least, look for new qualities, cutting-edge techniques, and manufacturing processes that will make our socks, and those who love them, even happier.


Sock Size: 36-40 or 41-46
EUR Shoe Size: 36-40 or 41-46

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