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did you know that the origins of the t-shirt date back to the late 19th century when workers would cut their jumpsuits in half to keep cool in warmer months of the year turning them in a garment that resembles the capital letter “t” in shape? yeah, that’s right, and now we all want to wear them, isn’t it? now you can travel without moving – the la paz world tour is right here, pick up your favorite now and go!

100% cotton made in portugal

About LA PAZ:

LA PAZ - is a menswear label inspired by the Atlantic, its people and traditions. Our aim is to work in a straight relationship with some of the best local manufacturers, crossing their knowledge with a single approach to the design and the making of timeless and durable goods.

XS - Total Length: 66cm; Chest: 46cm; Sleeve Length: 18cm; Neckline: 19cm
S - Total Length: 68cm; Chest: 48cm; Sleeve Length: 19cm; Neckline: 19cm
M - Total Length: 70cm; Chest: 51cm; Sleeve Length: 20cm; Neckline: 20cm
L - Total Length: 73cm; Chest: 55cm; Sleeve Length: 21cm; Neckline: 20cm
XL - Total Length: 76cm; Chest: 59cm; Sleeve Length: 22cm; Neckline: 21cm
XXL - Total Length: 78cm; Chest: 61cm; Sleeve Length: 23cm; Neckline: 21cm

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