Growing Box - FLO.


Our GROWING BOX includes a complete KIT for you to sow your own flowers. We want to give you the most essential task there is – to seed.

GROWING BOX will change every season in order to include only seasonal flowers.

Flowers improve your motivation levels and are an important part of our natural landscape.

At FLO. we are committed to flower the world, one box at a time.

Includes: Organic Soil, 6 compostable pots, 3 seed packets, 6 wood labels, and instructions for you to sow.

Respect time, take a break

Plant a seed and watch your flower grow.

Winter edition seeds: California poppy, love-in-a-mist and viola

About FLO. :

Flower Life Oriented. We wanted to create a brand that maximizes flower in every stage of its life.
FLO fosters circular economy, with every product having its purpose.
FLO is more than seeds, fresh flowers or dried flowers.
FLO is about the conjugation of all its products that will create a truly SEED TO WEED concept.

FLO. was created in 2020 by Madalena, who joined her love for flowers and nature with the passion for arts & crafts and self-learning.
" I''ve always enjoyed having fresh flowers at home to brighten up my day. During lockdown I started growing my own blooms and playing with flowers in very different way”

FLO values brand sustainability, meaning eco-friendly products, organic seeds from a certified producer, and compostable and recycled packaging.
We believe in products that do not end up in the landfill. Our products complement each other in every stage of a flower''s life.

Gifts that last.

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