Gratidão Notebook - Fundação Gil


5 format with 100 pre-printed pages.

About Fundação do Gil:

A wave is made of many drops
Since 1999, we have dedicated our actions, activities and projects to the overall well-being of children, pioneering the development of paediatric health and social reintegration projects.

It is by investing in social innovation that we create waves of change for many children with clinical, social and psycho-emotional fragilities. Only in this way can we pave the way for each child''s development, setting out to discover new solutions and involving more and more adults and children, parents and children, the State, companies and individuals, in a positive current, a wave of change, where everyone can aspire to inspire their neighbour.

The Gil Foundation is made up of small drops. Just like the biggest wave.

Creating. Caring. To grow.
Our mission
To promote the clinical, social and emotional well-being of children at social and/or clinical risk, with a view to their autonomous social reintegration into the family.

The Gil Foundation wants a world where all children at social and/or clinical risk live with dignity and well-being and can dream of the possibility of fully recovering their life project.

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