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Unisex t-shirts have always been used, today, they just have a more “cool” name. From “Agender t-shirt”, to “No Gender t-shirt” (ours), or for example, “Gender equality t-shirts”. Many brands bet on this format to do what was previously done with another name: have the same piece for sale for men and women.


From a BASEVILLE perspective it makes sense to design t-shirts that are so versatile that they can be shared. With those who live at home with us, with our friends. Regardless of gender or body. We work at the production level to find the ideal fitting for both men and women.
Looking at the t-shirt beyond the piece itself, it is also interesting to understand what it contains: raw material (usually cotton), water, energy, ink, threads, labour. For us, it is important that these resources can be shared and not exclusive to just one person, a wardrobe.

All BASEVILLE pieces have composition and wash labels that identify the best way to care for your article. The fulfilment of the instructions allows to obtain a greater longevity of the same ones, guaranteeing a greater satisfaction with its purchase

About Baseville:

Baseville - We design with purpose. We want you to cherish your pieces for a long time, assuring longevity and respect to all resources involved in its production. We transform essentials into pieces of desire achieving the ultimate “Sustainable Shape”.
We produce in PORTUGAL with suppliers visited and approved by our team in the production factories. We value reduced water consumptions and its treatment after use, renewable energies and production loops that enable energy and water savings.
At the end-of-life, we receive your unwanted pieces. It’s a valuable resource we want to give another life to. Either for re-sale on our site, or recycling, we’ll be very happy to keep it away from landfills.


S - Height: 56cm; Width: 43cm
M - Height: 57cm; Width: 45cm
L - Height: 58cm; Width: 47cm

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