Cristo Shoes - Marie


These shoes are designed to be comfortable and versatile. With a pair of socks, they transform your look with each use. The soles are made of natural crepe and delicately hand-worked.

Floating leather | Goat aniline | Natural crepe

About Marie:

Marie was born from my awakening as a woman, dressing for myself, asking myself "what would I wear if no one saw me?" It breaks with the interior and exterior, uniting comfort and beauty in one piece. With this brand I realised what it is to work with the heart, to draw and to be at the service of women. It seemed very special and liberating to me.

Marie are all the women within us. She is a free and beautiful woman, who seeks to please herself, desire herself and be herself.

Our pieces are produced responsibly in companies in Portugal and are made with the utmost detail and respect for nature. We want everything you receive to have a use and at the end of its life be returned to the universe.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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