Original Soap - Amal


This bar soap follows the original Allepo recipe. The main components are olive oil, coconut oil and bay leaf oil. This soap is perfect to cleanse, revitalize and moisturize all types of skins.


This plant is native to the Mediterranean and Middle East, giving it a unique and special meaning. This ingredient is adequate to treat infections and rashes for the skin, acne, and eczemas. It is rich in anti-fungal and antibacterial proprieties. A magical oil: caring and revitalizing to your skins daily exposure to impurities.

BENEFITS: Moisturize dry and irritated skin, Prevent fungal infections, Reduce acne, Prevent bacteries spread.

Weight ˜ 70 g ˜ 0.154 lb
Size˜ 7.5x6x2 cm

About Amal:

Amal, hope for a new home.
Natural handcrafted Aleppo soap with an enchanted story behind.
Amal is handcrafted by Syrian women living in Portugal. Our soap is consciously made from highly natural ingredients to ensure a genuine enriching touch on your skin, our largest organ. We want to take care of our body''s natural energy, nurturing it with what it deserves: natural, non-cruel and energising ingredients.

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