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At Natural World Eco we take care of every detail to achieve quality, comfort, ecological awareness and fashion in our footwear. These ecofriendly women´s boots have been made for everyday use, a night out or simply to relax on a day off far away from the office. There''s nothing more comfortable than these winter casual boots for women.The upper part of the Naira Suede boots has been manufactured out of suede leather and the sole is made of natural rubber which guarantees durability and comfort. The stylish and modern shape ensures an easy match with all your winter dresses and clothes. As part of our brand philosophy, these eco-friendly women''s boots come in a recycled cardboard box, a must have for those who want to contribute positively to the environment. Think no more and get your winter boots at Natural World Eco.

• Front sole height 3 cms and back sole 4 cms
• Removable insoles
• These shoes involve a manufacturing process on a natural fabric so any irregularity is a part of its characteristic.

- Made with suede leather
- Wool inner lining
- Rubber outsole

About Natural World:

Natural World is a young brand, but with great experience after years of family tradition in the world of footwear, that was born with the aim of creating a 100% ecological shoe. The essence of the brand is the love of nature and the authenticity of our products, blending the trends with ecological philosophy.

All our shoes follow a production process respectful with the environment. It is a production system with more than 100 years old, which requires a specific type of machinery, known as: “Vulcanization System”.

It is a production system that respects the environment and, combined with the latest technological advances, is the key to the success of the brand. Moreover, we control the whole processes to offer the greatest of guarantees.

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