Lavender Soap - Amal


This soap combines the tradition of Aleppo with lavender essential oil. Besides its pleasant aroma, lavender is good for cleaning and disinfecting.


The scent of Lavender has vast meanings in popular beliefs, in certain cultures, and also in religious rituals. It is a tall branch, green in color with grayish tones, and when dried in the sun it acquires a bluer tone. Its scent is striking in the memory, and brings back warm memories. The Lavandula officinalis chaix, its scientific name, brings with its aroma feelings and energies to the place where it is, since it brings balance and purification, thus establishing a harmonious environment with feelings of peace and tranquility.

There are few scents that evoke the feeling of cleanliness as in the case of lavender. It was a popular linden herb in Europe because of its pleasant scent, but also because it had antiseptic qualities and helped keep insects away.

BENEFITS: Prevents wrinkles, Brightens and detoxifies the skin, Nourishes dry skin, Helps to rest.

Weight ˜ 70g ˜ 0.154 lb
Size ˜ 7.5x6x2 cm

About Amal:

Amal, hope for a new home.
Natural handcrafted Aleppo soap with an enchanted story behind.
Amal is handcrafted by Syrian women living in Portugal. Our soap is consciously made from highly natural ingredients to ensure a genuine enriching touch on your skin, our largest organ. We want to take care of our body''s natural energy, nurturing it with what it deserves: natural, non-cruel and energising ingredients.

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