Large Strap Jumpsuit - b.simple

Wide jumpsuit with pretty straps doing a V effect in the back. They dont fall off the shoulders! Loose and relaxed, only lets you show what you want, so you feel free and confident. It has discreet pockets on the side seams to ensure your comfort.

You can wear it with all your accessories, from necklaces to belts, earrings, hats, shoes or sandals! Your essence sets the rules!

Composition: 90% cotton 10% elastane.

About b.simple:

All collections are thought, designed, and produced in Portugal in a responsible and conscious way, with a very special attention for our planet.

Our inspiration: A glorious journey begins inside a woman, searching for her identity, discovering her beauty revealed in the choices of her wardrobe. We want to build more than a brand, but a style of life, for a unique woman who seeks to unravel a little more of herself, of her essence every day, and who wants to announce to the world who she is. This is the woman who gives life to our pieces. Thats our inspiration!

Thinking about our customers well-being, we design pieces that are easy to use and care for, with simple, clean lines and colours that fit in the wardrobe all year round. Shapes are timeless and thought carefully for comfort, letting her identity blossom.

b easywear. b easycare. b simple

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