Kit Lata Folha Imperial - Granado

The Folha Imperial collection, in a limited edition, celebrates all the richness of the Atlantic Forest and invites us to reconnect with nature and to become aware of its preservation. Together with the SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation, Granado embraces and supports the Florestas do Futuro project, dedicated to the preservation and reforestation of the largest Brazilian biome, donating part of the profits from the sales of its products.
The fragrance of Folha Imperial transports us to the middle of the Amazon rainforest on a sunny and vibrant day. The scents of the damp earth, the grand trees, and the rushing water invade our sense of smell, leaving a comfortable and fresh sensation. It is a rustic, green, and natural creation that brings nature and its textures to the surface.
The limited edition tin is filled with Folha Imperial products! The liquid soap is made with vegetable base, skin pH and natural glycerin, gently cleansing without drying the skin. The body moisturizer has a moisturizing action that retains the natural humidity, ensuring a silky touch and an extremely hydrated skin. And the creamy soap is made with vegetable base and enriched with murumuru butter, which helps moisturizing, nutrition and skin protection. In addition, the kit comes with a sisal sponge for an even more relaxing bath and the can is transformed into a great organizer box.
The illustration, handmade in gouache, conveys the exuberance of the forest, highlighting the foliage and some of the native animals of the Atlantic forest, such as the capuchin monkey, the sloth, the anteater, and the ocelot. Does not contain ingredients of animal origin. Not tested on animals.

Contents: 1 decorated tin with 1 liquid soap 300ml, 1 moisturizer 300ml, 1 bar soap 150g, and 1 sisal sponge.

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