Esha Dye Bamboo Kinitted Blouse - Yogini


Blouse made in Bamboo knit, DNA from . Clothing that breathes, hugs, welcomes, refreshes and warms. Soft and delicate touch. Respect your body shape. Combine comfort with fit. Model loose to the body. Round neckline and short sleeves. Displaced pits. Piece with hand dyeing tie die. Usage tips: Combine with pantacourt or carrot pants.

BAMBOO Viscose is made from the transformed fiber of Bamboo
- It is a renewable resource, and it does not need to be replanted and grows quickly
- It does not need pesticides or pesticides, it uses less water in its spinning which makes it sustainable
- Adaptable term , in the heat it is cool, in the cold it warms up
- Inhibits odors, as it prevents the proliferation of bacteria - UV Protection
- Hypoallergenic care: We recommend keeping it folded as it tends to grow

- Wash separately as it can show color migration as it is dyed - Never stop sauce

95.5% Viscose Bamboo and 4.5% Elatan

About Yogini:

Regina Zimmermann created the Yogini brand, more than 15 years ago, at the end of a yoga class… on a mat.
She thought, “What a good feeling! I need to take this well-being to as many people as possible.”
And so Yogini was born, the 1st Brazilian fashion brand inspired by yoga. In the beginning they were just accessories and clothes to practice and today Yogini clothes are synonymous with casual, simple and sophisticated fashion, always comfortable.
We are 7 stores and a website, and a whole team that wakes up every day with the same purpose: to bring the well-being of yoga into your life!

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