Ericeira Opal Grey Poncho Adult - Futah


One size Poncho with hood and pocket.

Composition: 100% Cotton
Care: Machine-wash cold (30ºC) on a gentle cycle
Size: 115 cm X 90 cm
Details: Hood and pocket (front)
GSM: 300
Weaving: Jacard
Futah Bag: 100% Cotton ( Free)
Tamanho: único
Weight: 600g

About Futah:

Futah was born on the Portuguese coast, with a warm breeze in the air and the sun setting over the ocean. It began as a wish to create the perfect beach towel, made for those who valued freedom above all else.
We never forget where we came from: Portugal and its beaches were, and still remain, our starting point.
Today, we use this Atlantic inspiration in every product we create, blending with Nature and respecting its future.

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