Cologne Limão e Neroli - Granado

A delicate and intriguing cologne that celebrates Neroli, an essential oil extracted from the Orange Blossom, the main character of the creation. With a fresh and citrusy Lemon top note, the fragrance soon highlights the floral and invigorating scent of its protagonist.

The notes of Petitgrain bring the green and herbaceous nuance of the Orange Blossom, while Musk and Amber harmonize their chords, giving comfort and elegance to the creation.

On the packaging, the rigid box that accompanies the cologne follows the visual identity of the Vintage line. The green tone and delicately illustrated flowers give the sophistication that the line proposes and the olfactory direction of the fragrance.

Produced with extra neutral alcohol, which is purer and does not interfere in the fragrance, the eau de cologne goes through the perfume maceration process, which ensures greater harmonization of the olfactory notes of the fragrance.

It does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Contents: 300ml.

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