Cologne Baunilha - Granado

Vanilla is one of the most classic ingredients in perfumery. In Granados creation, the fragrance combines fresh citrus nuances with the warmth of spices and the delicate sweetness of vanilla, shaping an involving and versatile perfume. Vanilla presents a fresh and sophisticated oriental, with the delicacy and naturalness of natural Madagascar vanilla, known as one of the best olfactory quality beans in the world.

On the packaging, the rigid box that accompanies the cologne follows the visual identity of the Vintage line. The green tone and delicately illustrated flowers give the sophistication that the line proposes and the olfactory direction of the fragrance.

Produced with extra neutral alcohol, which is purer and does not interfere in the fragrance, the eau de cologne goes through the perfume maceration process, which ensures greater harmonization of the olfactory notes of the fragrance. It does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Contents: 300ml.

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