CB04 Deep V-Neck Onepiece Black Wings - Coração Bobo

Coração Bobo is the first portuguese swimwear brand highly committed to solve one of the biggest headaches of the female public - getting rid of strong tan lines

The conservation of the planet is one of our major concerns and for that reason, sustainability becomes imperative in the way we work.

Sublimation is the method we choose to reproduce the patterns on our fabric. Unlike traditional printing, where there is a large consumption of water and the use of chemicals, sublimation is a digital printing process cleaner and with better resource management. On the other hand, whenever possible, we choose more environmentally friendly raw materials, which can be recycled and / or reusable. We pay special attention to the use of all the remains of fabric for the development of prototypes and / or other articles.

All of our products are produced by hand in Portugal, not only for the sake of quality, but also because we are able to guarantee that workers rights are respected. In addition, we believe that it is also important to support national activities and the development of our own economy. That is why we try our best to ensure that both our suppliers and employees are national.

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