Caroá Bag - Catarina Mina


Caroá is one of the most beautiful drought flowers. It insists on blooming red in the middle of the forest, even in the caatinga landscape.

Caroá bag, our novelty made in a mixture of straw and crochet. It has a shoulder strap, handmade with satin threads. Lining with satin drawstring closure, 4 charms on the drawstring, logo on the inside and a personalized plaque on the outside.

Measurements: 50cm(D) x 16cm(F) x 16cm(H)*

Handle: 110cm

Weight: 390gr

About Catarina Mina:

Catarina Mina- We are from Ceará. We are Brazilians. We make bags, all handmade. We´re are souls of crochet and thinking. We are a brand already 14 years on the road, on a work which sometimes is swimming against the tide.

Our path to the future has got no given answers, but instead, built, in-process ones. Our path to the future gives us the will to deal with different materials, to rethink the language created through the bags. It is also to get together and work with more artisans and languages, wherever we can.

In 2014 we decided for a revolution and publicized our production budget, inviting our customers to talk, including designers and artisans, in order to understand more of our world and be closer to us.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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