Bora Long Bag - Catarina Mina


Bora Long bag comes with a new Catarina Mina shape, made with a mix that we love - carnauba straw and handmade crochet with satin thread. It comes with removable pendant detail, Catarina Mina tag, pocket with zipper closure, and keyholder.

Length: 42 cm | Height: 15 cm | Depth: 8 cm

- Carnauba Straw, Cotton and Polyester

* The product may undergo minor changes in size. This happens not only because of the artisanal process, done manually by artisans. Cleaning should be done with a damp cloth and dried in the shade.

About Catarina Mina:

Catarina Mina - We are from Ceará. Were Brazilians. We are crochet and thought soul. We are a brand that has been on the road for 12 years, with a job that often feels like swimming against the tide. We believe in a different fashion, a fashion focused on who produces, and that focuses its efforts on questioning, rethinking, reflecting and making decisions taking into account a collective. A fashion that is based on a future of collaboration much more than dispute.

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