B00 Beach Towel Caiada - Blueman


Beach towel Caiada with localized print and made of viscose prevents the sand from sticking together. Its lightweight and quick-drying. It is a super large sarong, measuring 1.40x1.80m. The CAIADA print is inspired by fishing villages and their whitewashed houses. A landscape that mixes the sand dunes and the horizon of the sea, under the sky full of stars.

-100% viscose.

About Blueman:

With a wildly impressive heritage, its no wonder that Blueman has managed to stay on top of the swimwear world for such a long time. Their iconic, flattering designs are extremely memorable and bound to score lots of compliments on the beach, poolside, or wherever the sunshine takes you. Designing for both men and women, Blueman understands what it means to be a trendsetter in the fashion world. This brand isnt interested in imitating other designers; they strike out on their own and create unique looks that inspire the world. Boasting a fresh yet classic take on fashion, Blueman creates the swimwear looks that everyone wants.

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