Aurora Diffuser 235mL - Granado

Please note: Diffuser shipment is restricted to mainland Portugal!


Aurora is a tribute to the elegance, versatility, and timelessness of flowers. A meeting between classic and modern, comfort and sophistication. Ideal also as a room scent to make your house smell even more with this fragrance that is an explosion of flowers!

Meet the best room scent you could ever have!

In a jovial creation that exalts a unique delicacy, Granados room diffuser also decorates your home with its amber glass bottle and cork closure, which recalls the pharmaceutical bottles from the last century and is a classic of the Vintage line.

Unlike the home spray, the aroma diffuser comes with sticks that spread the perfume continuously. The room diffusers are oil-based, prolonging the life of the product and leaving your home scented for longer.

Does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Aurora scent diffuser 235ml.

Tips for use: Dip the reeds into the bottle then turn them upside down to diffuse the fragrance. When they dry out, turn them upside down again. Repeat as often as required.

Composition: alcohol, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water).

About Granado:

Granado is the oldest Brazilian pharmaceutical brand, which was created in 1870 in Rio de Janeiro. José Antonio Coxito Granado, the Portuguese pharmacist, who had a little farm near to Rio de Janeiro opened his first store in town. He was selling his own-produced remedies, medicines and other formulas and products that he made using local plants, herbs and flowers. The quality of his products brought him enormous success and soon he was able to set up his factories and a pharmacy in the most prestigious location of Rio de Janeiro. He and his brother developed many products and formulas that are sold until today such as antiseptic talc or 100% vegetable-based glycerin soaps. The company underwent many modernization processes, change ownership and capital but its main focus and objective remain the same until today: bring back life to traditional Brazilian brands and products, use Brazilian natural wealth and bring it to the people.

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