Asteria Move Portable Nuance Olive - Normo


Portable lamp with integrated led and li-ion battery.
Allows you to adjust the light intensity.
"Asteria move is a portable table lamp free of any cords, adding an extra focus to the design and making it easy to move around so the light is where it is needed. designed by søren christensen"

material: aluminum | steel (steel) | pmma
height (cm): 30.6
diameter (cm): 20.0
bushing: integrated led
ip: ip20
light source: dimmable led
color temperature: 3000k
lumen / battery: light step 1: 5lm - 35 hours
light step 2: 22lm - 15 hours
light step 3: 60lm - 6 hours

usb-c for recharging (included)

About Normo:

Normo - We invest in simple and functional objects. We believe that beauty comes from simplicity. We help in the development of architecture and interior and exterior design projects. Acting in the national market, we aim to bring the simplicity of nordic objects to projects in Portugal.
We care about the environment, we give preference to more energy efficient products.

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