Água De Rosmarino Cologne - Phebo

Água de Rosmarino Cologne is a versatile and aromatic creation that brings herbal notes balanced with hints of spice such as cardamom and nutmeg. The bluish tone of the packaging highlights the freshness of the fragrance and refers to the meaning of rosmarimo: sea dew. Produced with an extra-neutral and purer alcohol that does not interfere on the fragrance, Águas de Phebo pass through a process of maceration for a greater intensity of the olfactory notes and a superior quality.

No ingredient of animal origin.

Olfactory description:
Aromatic Citrus
Top Notes: Sicilian Lemon*, Rosemary*, Nutmeg*
Heart Notes: Cardamom*, Black Pepper, Lily
Base Notes: Lavender*, Musk, Vetiver

Content: 260ml

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