Seatle Windbreaker - Yogini

€53,12 €106,24

Jacket made of 100% polyamide flat fabric.
Very lightweight material, with a pearly sheen and smooth fit, it offers a modern, technological look.
Not only does it protect against wind, it also repels water.
Hooded model.
Front zip closure.
Long sleeves with elastic on the cuffs.
Frontal pocket.
Bar with elastic band and puller, allowing waist height adjustments.

Wear tips: Ideal garment for running or after practice. Combine with shorts in the same fabric.

About Yogini:

Regina Zimmermann created the Yogini brand, more than 15 years ago, at the end of a yoga class… on a mat.
She thought, “What a good feeling! I need to take this well-being to as many people as possible.”
And so Yogini was born, the 1st Brazilian fashion brand inspired by yoga. In the beginning they were just accessories and clothes to practice and today Yogini clothes are synonymous with casual, simple and sophisticated fashion, always comfortable.
We are 7 stores and a website, and a whole team that wakes up every day with the same purpose: to bring the well-being of yoga into your life!

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