Melissa Bass Lilac - Melissa


The genderless aesthetic has always had a guaranteed space in fashion and the mood has been increasingly present. The retro-inspired pairs star in the wish list. Reinterpretations of classics such as oxfords with details such as platform soles and non-obvious finishes are certainly successful bets.

About a Melissa:

Melissa was born of disruption. It emerged in 1979 to transform plastic into classics. And the classic into extraordinary.

Melissa is art, fashion and design. But it is also sustainable.

The Brazilian heritage brand Melissa is the embodiment of nostalgia. When you open a box of Melissa shoes, you''re met with a sweet bubblegum scent and a whimsically designed shoe that feels nothing but timeless. If that''s not enough to make you want to own every colour and design, you can delight in the fact that they are all vegan, 100% recyclable, and 100% cruelty-free, thanks to Melflex®, a proprietary form of PVC, provides flexibility, comfort and strength to every pair of Melissa. We know that an extraordinary future only happens with a lot of responsibility and attitude.

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